Summer of 2018 provided a wonderful opportunity to work with Tualatin Riverkeepers, Centro Cultural, and Metro on a sidewalk storm drain mural project in the city of Hillsboro, Oregon! Thanks to the invitation of Rania Ayoub at Muslim Educational Trust of Tigard to paint a mural with Arabic and English, I sent in two drawings, one in Arabic for Tigard and one in Spanish and English for the Latino community in Hillsboro.

Both projects were close to my heart, and my artwork for the Latino themed mural was selected! The primary image in the mural is the Mayan water god, Chac, who is pouring water from a clay vessel. A rainbow surrounds Chac, and all of the resulting waters end up flowing into the storm drain. The purpose, of course, is to educate people in Spanish and English, that anything going into the drain ends up in the Tualatin River, which is dear to my heart since I recently learned to kayak on the beautiful Tualatin River!