Transforming Darkness into Light mandala © 2015

this commissioned mandala for my physical therapist’s clinic treatment room with the theme of Transforming Darkness into Light was painted with acrylic paint on a 24 inch square canvas, beginning last August, and completed in March 2015. please contact me if you would like a mandala commissioned for yourself or as a gift. fine art giclée prints are available for purchase of this mandala on archival paper 16 x 16 inch for $195 including shipping. this mandala was quite a blessing and a journey for me to paint.


Rain Dancer Mandala © 2015 

this mandala was painted for the Recycled Rain Project exhibition in May, 2015 on an 18 inch round canvas with acrylic paint and collected rainwater. it’s title is Rain Dancer Mandala to bring much needed rain to drought stricken areas of the world.


Water Blessing Mandala © 2015

i have just made fine art giclée prints of my Water Blessing Mandala painted in 2014, the original sold in the first hour of the art opening. people have been asking me for prints, so now they’re available. $195 for a 16 x 16 inch framable print with free shipping.