feeling very fortunate to travel to the land of my parents’ birth, Lebanon for one month, with a stopover in London for a few days all too short to visit my cousin, Alicia. she is an artist, filmmaker, healer, gardener, alchemist and a true soul sister. our fun and familiar time together felt as if we had known each other for years, even though this was our first in-person meeting

imagea yoga film premier south of her surrey home in the village of Lewes was happening my first night. the venue–a throwback to the california or london sixties, zu studios, took us on a meandering collaged journey through rooms of 2 and 3 dimensional art that easily could have kept me entranced for days.

a kirtan meditative chanting session opened the contemplative mood for a documentary Part and Parcel, made by diego, alicia’s film-in-progress-partner. a fabulous beginning to my journey east!

the national museum followed a wonderful reunion with douma cousins on my mother’s side in wimbledon. impressionism and icons on my agenda in a classic building filled with hundreds of artworks! what a joy to see these in person!



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